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April 30 - National Oatmeal Cookie Day

There are different kinds of oatmeal cookie recipes. My favorite is made with butterscoth morsels and coconut. They stray from the typical oatmeal raisin, not that there's anything wrong with oatmeal raisin.

Actually, oatmeal raisin cookies are the more healthy kind of this cookie. Oats are a good source of fiber and protein. You can experiment with substitutions and discover what cookie recipes are successful for your families taste. Start by testing one substitution at a time.

To make your cookie recipes healthier try these substitutions:

*Replace regular flour with whole wheat flour
*Replace butter with apple sauce or mashed banana
*Use two egg whites for one whole egg
*Use a sugar substitute in place of original sugar
*Replace peanut butter with soy butter or sesame butter (good choice for peanut allergies)
*Add nuts and dried fruit for extra fiber

The addition of dried fruits and nuts greatly enhances the nutritional value of a cookie. If the texture of dried fruits such as prunes, raisins, cherries, and cranberries is not preferred, they can be boiled and mashed to add sweetness without sugar. Or they can be ground and added as a puree to the cookie dough.

Try out this scrumptious recipe from Sunny Anderson from the Food Network for a fun twist on a classic cookie:

Peaches and Cream Oatmeal Cookies


3/4 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
Pinch salt
1 stick butter, softened
1/4 cup light brown sugar
1/4 cup dark brown sugar
1/4 cup sugar
1 large egg
1 1/2 cups rolled oats
1/2 cup chopped dried peaches
1/2 cup chopped walnuts
1/2 cup white chocolate chips

Directions Preheat oven to 350 degrees F with the racks in the upper and lower thirds of the oven.

In a small bowl, whisk together flour, baking soda, and salt. In a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, cream butter and sugars until light and fluffy. Slowly add egg and continue mixing. Slowly add flour mixture, oats, peaches, walnuts, and white chocolate chips. Mix until combined.

Line 2 sheet trays with parchment. With wet hands make 20 balls from the dough placing evenly among sheet trays. Press down on cookie dough with palm of your hand to make a flat circle.

Bake for 10 to 12 minutes or until golden and still a bit tender in the center. Remove from oven and let sit on sheet trays 1 minute. Remove to cooling racks to cool completely. [1]

[1] Peaches and Cream Oatmeal Cookies (

April 30 - Hairstyle and Hairstylist appreciation day

Hairstylists share April 30 with National Honesty Day, National Oatmeal Cookie Day and National Raisin Day. They don't even get a day of their own.
Hairstyles make a statement. Hairstylists can make you look like you're intelligent to sporty, all by just a hairstyle. No more just cutting and styling, it's more about giving you a hairstyle and look to make you feel different.
On April 30, take time to show your favorite hairstylist your appreciation.
*Leave an extra generous tip
*Send a beautiful bouquet of flowers
*Send a gift basket with all the thing he or she loves
*Send a handwritten card saying "thank you"
*Buy a gift card to their favorite coffee shop or retailer
I found this tribute to hairstylists that I found appropriate.
I walk into the waiting room,
put my name onto the list,
"How long is the wait?" I ask,
"Just 10 minutes," you insist.

A moment later it's my turn,
I barely even had to sit,
"How would you like your hair done?"
"Please make me look like Brad Pitt."

You get right to work,
a trim here, a clip there,
and I know in just minutes,
I'll be out of that chair.

So remember you're appreciated,
that's what this column is about,
and I'll always sing your praises,
or at least 'til my hair falls out.
-Max Wixon
(The Dallas Morning News)


National Soyfoods Month- Recipe #30 - G.I. Joes

Photography: Randy Mayor; Styling: Lydia DeGaris-Pursell

Please enjoy the thirtieth and last recipe of the month for National Soyfoods Month: G.I. Joes

April 30 – Daily Motivation – Quotes About Life – Inspirational Quotes

Be Thankful

I walked into the grocery store not particularly interested in buying groceries. I wasn't hungry. The pain of losing my husband of 7 years was still too raw. And this grocery store held so many sweet memories.

He often came with me and almost every time he'd pretend to go off and look for something special. I knew what he was up to. I'd always spot him walking down the aisle with the three yellow roses in his hands. He knew I loved yellow roses.

With a heart filled with grief, I only wanted to buy my few items and leave, but even grocery shopping was different since he had passed on. Shopping for one took time, a little more thought than it had for two.

Standing by the meat, I searched for the perfect small steak and remembered how he had loved his steak.

Suddenly a woman came beside me. She was blonde, slim and lovely in a soft green pantsuit. I watched as she picked up a large pack of T-bones, dropped them in her basket, hesitated, and then put them back... She turned to go and once again reached for the pack of steaks. She saw me watching her and she smiled. "My husband loves T-bones, but honestly, at these prices, I don't know."

I swallowed the emotion down my throat and met her pale blue eyes. "My husband passed away eight days ago," I told her. Glancing at the package in her hands, I fought to control the tremble in my voice. "Buy him the steaks. And cherish every moment you have together."

She shook her head and I saw the emotion in her eyes as she placed the package in her basket and wheeled away. I turned and pushed my cart across the length of the store to the dairy products. There I stood, trying to decide which size milk I should buy.

Quart, I finally decided and moved on to the ice cream. If nothing else, I could always fix myself an ice cream cone. I placed the ice cream in my cart and looked down the aisle toward the front.

I saw first the green suit, then recognized the pretty lady coming towards me. In her arms she carried a package. On her face was the brightest smile I had ever seen. I would swear a soft halo encircled her blonde hair as she kept walking toward me, her eyes holding mine.

As she came closer, I saw what she held and tears began misting in my eyes. "These are for you," she said and placed three beautiful long stemmed yellow roses in my arms. "When you go through the line, they will know these are paid for." She leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on my cheek, then smiled again. I wanted to tell her what she'd done, what the roses meant, but still unable to speak, I watched as she walked away as tears clouded my vision.

I looked down at the beautiful roses nestled in the green tissue wrapping and found it almost unreal. How did she know? Suddenly the answer seemed so clear. I wasn't alone. Oh, you haven't forgotten me, have you? I whispered, with tears in my eyes. He was still with me, and she was his angel.

Every day be thankful for what you have and who you are.

Be Thankful (

Sunday, April 29, 2012

April 29 - Happy Birthday to my niece

Happy Birthday boo! 

I love you and miss you! 

I'm proud of the person you've become. 

Keep up the good work.

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!  


April 29 - National Shrimp Scampi Day

April 29 - Happy National Shrimp Scampi Day!
Credit: Todd Coleman
April is a month that gets you ready for the summer months and summer food.
The month of April was also full of great holidays. What April holiday is today? It's National Shrimp Scampi Day.
In the USA, "scampi" preparation refers to an Italian-American dish of shrimp that is served with either pasta, rice or bread in a sauce of garlic, butter and dry white wine. The scampi sauce is one of the easiest sauce to create.
It's not difficult to find Scampi recipes on the internet. I'd like to share my favorite Shrimp Scampi recipe with all of you. Enjoy!

Shrimp Scampi (

April 29 – Daily Motivation – Quotes About Life - Inspirational Quotes

Moral of the Story
In 1962, four nervous young musicians played their first record audition for the executives of the Decca Recording company. The executives were not impressed. While turning down this group of musicians, one executive said, "We don't like their sound. Groups of guitars are on the way out." The group was called The Beatles.
In 1944, Emmeline Snively, director of the Blue Book Modeling Agency, told modeling hopeful Norma Jean Baker, "You'd better learn secretarial work or else get married." She went on and became Marilyn Monroe.
In 1954, Jimmy Denny, manager of the Grand Ole Opry fired a singer after one performance. He told him, "You ain't goin' nowhere son. You ought to go back to drivin' a truck." He went on to become the most popular singer in America, named Elvis Presley.
When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876, it did not ring off the hook with calls from potential backers. After making a demonstration call, President Rutherford Hayes said, "That's an amazing invention, but who would ever want to use one of them?"
When Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, he tried over 2000 experiments before he got it to work. A young reporter asked him how it felt to fail so many times. He said, "I never failed once. I invented the light bulb. It just happened to be a 2000-step process."
In the 1940's, another young inventor named Chester Carlson took his idea to 20 corporations, including some of the biggest in the country. They all turned him down. In 1947 - after seven long years of rejections! He finally got a tiny company in Rochester, New York, the Haloid Company, to purchase the rights to his invention, an electrostatic paper-copying process. Haloid became Xerox Corporation we know today.
Wilma Rudolph was the 20th of 22 children. She was born prematurely and her survival was doubtful. When she was 4 years old, she contacted double pneumonia and scarlet fever, which left her with a paralyzed left leg. At age 9, she removed the metal leg brace she had been dependent on and began to walk without it. By 13 she had developed rhythmic walk, which doctors said was a miracle. That same year she decided to become a runner. She entered a race and came in last. For the next few years every race she entered, she came in last. Everyone told her to quit, but she kept on running. One day she actually won a race. And then another. From then on she won every race she entered. Eventually this little girl, who was told she would never walk again, went on to win three Olympic gold medals.
The moral of the above Stories: Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experiences of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired and success achieved.
You gain strength, experience and confidence by every experience where you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing you cannot do. And remember, the finest steel gets sent through the hottest furnace. A winner is not one who never fails, but one who NEVER QUITS! In LIFE, remember that you pass this way only once! Let's live life to the fullest and give it our best.
Moral of the Story (

National Soyfoods Month- Recipe #29 - Bibimbop


Please enjoy the twenty-ninth recipe of the month for National Soyfoods Month: Bibimbop

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National Blueberry Pie Day

Happy National Blueberry Pie Day!

Blueberries are the second most beloved fruit, right behind strawberries.

Blueberries are one of the few fruits native to North America. In 1916, Elizabeth Coleman White, the daughter of a New Jersey farmer, developed the first commercial variety of blueberry based on the wild varieties growing in the region. Today, Driscoll's blueberries are grown year-round by farmers in the U.S. [1]

When compared to other fresh fruits and vegetables, blueberries rank number one in antioxidants. Blueberries are low in sodium, high fiber and potassium, and only 40 calories per ½ cup serving.

There is nothing bad about blueberries. The chemicals in blueberries may inhibit cancer cell development. The fruit is reported to have a beneficial effect on a number of other conditions, including Alzheimer's disease, urinary tract infections, and blood pressure. The leaves help block replication of the hepatitis C virus. And a recent study found that wild blueberry juice enhanced memory and learning in older adults, while reducing blood sugar and symptoms of depression. They also help reduce bad cholestrol that leads to cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Feel good about celebrating this day. Blueberries are good for you.

Remember fresh never frozen blueberries, enjoy.

Recipe for Blueberry Pancakes, enjoy.

Enjoy National Blueberry Pie Day With a Yummy Slice and Sweet Advice (

National Soyfoods Month- Recipe #28 - Tofu Burgers


Please enjoy the twenty-eighth recipe of the month for National Soyfoods Month:Tofu Burgers

April 28 – Daily Motivation – Quotes About Life - Inspirational Quotes

No Problem!
Don't worry if you have problems! Which is easy to say until you are in the midst of a really big one, I know. But the only people I am aware of who don't have troubles are gathered in little neighborhoods. Most communities have at least one. We call them cemeteries.

If you're breathing, you have difficulties. It's the way of life. And believe it or not, most of your problems may actually be good for you! Let me explain.

Maybe you have seen the Great Barrier Reef, stretching some 1,800 miles from New Guinea to Australia. Tour guides regularly take visitors to view the reef. On one tour, the guide was asked an interesting question. "I notice that the lagoon side of the reef looks pale and lifeless, while the ocean side is vibrant and colorful," a traveler observed. "Why is this?"

The guide gave an interesting answer: "The coral around the lagoon side is in still water, with no challenge for its survival. It dies early. The coral on the ocean side is constantly being tested by wind, waves, storms - surges of power. It has to fight for survival every day of its life. As it is challenged and tested it changes and adapts. It grows healthy. It grows strong. And it reproduces." Then he added this telling note: "That's the way it is with every living organism."

That's how it is with people. Challenged and tested, we come alive! Like coral pounded by the sea, we grow. Physical demands can cause us to grow stronger. Mental and emotional stress can produce tough-mindedness and resiliency. Spiritual testing can produce strength of character and faithfulness.

So, you have problems - no problem! Just tell yourself, "There I grow again!"

No Problem! (

Friday, April 27, 2012

National Prime Rib Day!

Happy National Prime Rib Day!
There's only one way to celebrate National Prime Rib Day, eat a big, thick, juicy cut of prime rib.

Prime Rib, a very popular cut of meat for Christmas and major holidays, is graded as a USDA Prime cut of meat. Most beef offered for sale in supermarkets is graded US Choice or Select. US Prime beef is sold to hotels and upscale restaurants.

Prime Rib comes from the section right behind the shoulder and is one of the priciest cuts of meat. If you can't find Prime only substitute with Choice.
Strip House Prime Rib
Courtesy of Chef John Schenk
Serves 10-12
Prep Time: 40 minutes
Cook Time: 3 hours
· 14-16 Lbs 30 Day Dry Aged Bone in Prime Rib
· 1 1/2 Cups Dijon Mustard
· 1 head of garlic
· 1/4 Cup Rosemary, chopped
· 1/4 Cup Thyme, chopped
· 1/2 Cup Kosher salt
· 1/2 Cup Cracked Black Pepper
Tips on Prime Rib Purchasing and Preparation:

· At Strip House we buy our Prime Rib Dry aged with the fat cap intact. In order to make this dish at home, we suggest that you ask your butcher to remove the fat cap, tie the roast and french the bones down 1 inch.

· It goes without saying that for a quality Prime Rib, buy the best possible product you can afford.

· If you’re looking for another option instead of Prime rib you can always use this rub and slow cook Brisket or Top Round.

1. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.

2. Wrap garlic in aluminum foil. Place in preheating oven and allow garlic to roast for 30 minutes.

3. While the oven is heating pull the roast out of the refrigerator (should be about 30 minutes before you are going to cook it). *Meat that roasts at room temperature will cook more evenly.

4. Season the roast with the salt and pepper making sure you really work the seasoning with your hands all over the flesh of the meat.

5. Remove the garlic from the oven. With a spoon remove garlic cloves from head of garlic and place into a food processor. Puree garlic until smooth.

6. In a medium bowl whisk together the Dijon mustard, roasted garlic and herbs.

7. Take the garlic mustard rub and coat the rib in a thin layer all over the roast.

8. Place large rack insert into a large roasting pan and lay the meat bone side down. Carefully place pan into the bottom rack of the oven and let the Prime Rib roast for 30 minutes at 400 degrees. Lower the temperature to 300 degrees and allow to cook for 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Test internal temperature of the meat after two hours. When prime rib is done it should read 120 degrees in the thickest part of the meat.

9. Once the roast comes out of the oven cover it with foil and let it rest for a solid 20 minutes before slicing.

National Arbor Day - April 27

National Arbor Day
Arbor Day (from the Latin arbor, meaning tree) is a holiday celebrated by encouraging the planting and care of tress. Arbor Day originated in Nebraska by J. Sterling Morton, first celebrated on April 10, 1872. It is estimated one million trees were planted on that day.
National Arbor Day is the last Friday in April, but many states observe Arbor Day in different months and dates according to their best tree-planting times.
Birdsey Northrop of Connecticut was responsible for globalizing it when he visited Japan in 1883 and delivered his Arbor Day and Village Improvement message. In that same year, the American Forestry Association made Northrop the Chairman of the committee to campaign for Arbor Day nationwide. He also brought his enthusiasm for Arbor Day to Australia, Canada and Europe.[1]
Arbor Day reached its height of popularity on its 125th anniversary in 1997, when David J. Wright, noticed that a Nebraska nonprofit organization called the National Arbor Day Foundation had taken the name of the holiday and commercialized it for their own use as a trademark for their publication "Arbor Day," so he countered their efforts, launched a website, and trademarked it for "public use celebrations" and defended the matter in a federal district court in the United States to ensure it was judged as property of the public domain, the case was settled in October 1999. Today anyone can use the term "Arbor Day" as well as hold their own Arbor Day celebration. [2]
There is more to planting a tree then just digging a hole. You need to choose the right tree, choose the right place to plant, plant it the right way.
There are 26 state that celebrate Arbor Day on the last Friday in April.
Arizona's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Paloverde)
Connecticut's Arbor Day - (State Tree: White Oak)
Delaware's Arbor Day - (State Tree: American Holly)
District of Columbia's Arbor Day - (District Tree: Scarlet Oak)
Idaho's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Western White Pine)
Illinois' Arbor Day - (State Tree: White Oak)
Indiana's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Tuliptree)
Iowa's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Oak)
Kansas' Arbor Day - (State Tree: Cottonwood)
Massachusetts' Arbor Day - (State Tree: American Elm)
Michigan's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Eastern White Pine)
Minnesota's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Red Pine)
Montana's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Ponderosa Pine)
Nebraska's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Cottonwood)
Nevada's Arbor Day - (State Trees: Singleleaf Pinyon and Bristlecone Pine)
New Hampshire's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Paper Birch)
New Jersey's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Northern Red Oak)
New York's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Sugar Maple)
North Carolina's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Pine)
Ohio's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Ohio Buckeye)
Pennsylvania's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Eastern Hemlock)
Rhode Island's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Red Maple)
South Dakota's Arbor Day - (State Tree: White Spruce)
Texas' Arbor Day - (State Tree: Pecan)
Utah's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Blue Spruce)
Wisconsin's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Sugar Maple)
[1] Arbor Day (

[2] Arbor Day (

April 27 - Daily Motivation – Quotes About Life - Inspirational Quotes


Living Life To It's Fullest

My own experience has taught me this: if you wait for the perfect moment when all is safe and assured it may never arrive. Mountains will not be climbed, races won or lasting happiness achieved.
Maurice Chevalier (1888-1972)

National Soyfoods Month- Recipe #27 - Veggie Sausage Pizzas


Please enjoy the twenty-seventh recipe of the month for National Soyfoods Month:Veggie Sausage Pizzas

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April 26 – Daily Motivation – Quotes About Life - Inspirational Quotes


Where Can You Find the Riches

An African farmer had heard tales about other farmers who had made millions of dollars by discovering diamond mines.

These tales so excited the farmer that he could hardly wait to sell his farm and go prospecting for diamonds himself. So he sold the farm and spent the rest of his life wandering the African continent, searching unsuccessfully for the g0leaming gems that brought such high prices on the markets of the world.

Finally, broke, worn out, and in a fit of despondency, he threw himself into a river and drowned.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, the man who had bought his farm happened to be crossing a small stream on the property one day when he saw something gleaming at the bottom of the stream.

He picked it up. It was a sparkling stone - a good size stone - and, admiring it, he later put it on his fireplace mantel as an interesting curiosity.

Several weeks later, a visitor admired the stone, looked closely at it, hefted it in his hand and nearly fainted. He asked the farmer if he knew what he'd found. When the farmer said no, that he thought it was just a piece of crystal, the visitor told him he had found one of the largest diamonds ever discovered.

The farmer was astonished. He told the man that his creek was full of these brilliant stones, and his farmland was covered with them. Not all were as large, perhaps, as the one on his mantel, but they were sprinkled generously throughout his property.

Needless to say, the farm the first farmer had sold, so that he could search for a diamond mine, turned out to be the most productive diamond mine on the entire African continent.

The first farmer had owned, free and clear, acres of diamonds, but had sold them for practically nothing in order to look for them elsewhere.

The moral is clear: If the first farmer had only taken the time to study and prepare himself - to learn what diamonds looked like in their rough state - and, since he had already owned a piece of land, to thoroughly explore the property he had before looking elsewhere, his wildest dreams would have come true.

EACH OF US IS, AT THIS MOMENT, STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF HIS OR HER OWN ACRE OF DIAMONDS. If each of us will only have the wisdom and patience to begin by exploring ourselves, we will find that we contain all the riches necessary to be able to succeed in whatever endeavors to which we may set our minds and hearts.

Where Can You Find the Riches (

National Soyfoods Month- Recipe #26 - Vegetarian Chipotle Nachos


Please enjoy the twenty-fifth recipe of the month for National Soyfoods Month:Vegetarian Chipotle Nachos

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April 25 – Daily Motivation – Quotes About Life - Inspirational Quotes


When things go wrong as they sometimes will,
When the road you are trudging seems all uphill, And you want to smile, but you have to sigh, When care is pressing you down a bit -- Rest, if you must, but do not quit.

Life is queer with its twists and turns,
As everyone of us sometimes learns,
And many a failure turns about
When he might have won, had he stuck it out;
Do not give up, though the pace seems slow -
You may succeed with another blow...

Success is failure turned inside out -
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,
And you can never tell how close you are,
It may be nearer, when it seems afar;
So stick to the fight, when you are hardest hit -
Its when things seem worst, that you must not quit.
Don't Quit (

National Soyfoods Month- Recipe #25 - Tropical Tofu Smoothie


Please enjoy the twenty-fifth recipe of the month for National Soyfoods Month:

Tropical Tofu Smoothie

Administrative Professionals Day - April 25

Today is Administrative Professionals Day.

The job of an Administrative Professional has changed dramatically over the years. With the addition of technology, new tools and economy shifts the burden on an Admin is heavier then ever. They are, quite simply, the pulse of the office.

Here are some ideas for Administrative Professionals Day:

  • Take him or her out for a nice, long lunch at a local fine restaurant;
  • Give a gift certificate for a dinner for two or an evening at a hotel or resort;
  • Arrange for the afternoon off to go shopping and throw in a little spending money;
  • Present a plaque for his or her years of valued work;
  • Provide a family pass to the movies and plenty of popcorn money;
  • Find out who his or her favorite author is and buy their latest book;
  • Offer a three hour lunch or, better yet, the day off!
  • Outsource some of his/her work to an off-site administrative professional, such as a virtual assistant;
Don’t forget to thank your Administrative Professional through out the year. You'd be surprised how far a “Thank You” or a kudos can go.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wedding Season


The weather is getting warmer, the scent of floral is in the air. The wedding season is upon us.



Get Your Cleaning On

*****I posted this during the holidays and was asked to re-post to share the earth friendly cleaning supplies recipes below. We all should be conscience of what we are doing to the earth*****

I really didn't want to write this because I hate cleaning, I know it has to be done, and I do it, but I hate it.  I thought my cleaning recipes might help everyone get their house ready for their Holiday guests.

Recently I have started to use homemade products to clean.  It's much cheaper then store bought and they do just as good of a job and sometime even a better job.
Some of these recipes may not smell nice all the time but will dissipate when they dry.  I'm writing this in hopes that you all will feel better knowing you did something good for the environment.

The environment is really the reason I started making my own cleaning products.   I hear

National Teach Children to Save 2012: April 24

Today is National Teach Your Child to Save Day.

The American Banker's Association sponsors this day to help educate our nation's youth about how important saving money is.

It takes a village to make an impact in a child's mind about money. ABA needs the help of parents, teachers, guardians and anyone with influence over a child the importance of saving.

Teaching a child about a savings account just isn't enough anymore. They need an understanding of how to review their bank statements, how interest makes their money grow, how to invest and when to invest. They need to understand the importance of starting to save NOW for retirement.
  • Bring your child to the bank to see how things work; you can even ask the manager to
    see the vault.
  • By opening a savings account for your child, he or she will learn how compounding of
    interest adds up.
  • If you are able to match funds, whether partially or dollar for dollar, it will help make your child’s goals more attainable while still giving them the sense of accomplishment.
  • Don’t just take your child shopping with you, but discuss how much things cost.
  • Teach your child how to budget his or her allowance. The American Bankers Association suggests teaching your child to put some money away for the long-term. They suggest: “Keep long-term savings in an investment fund; short-term savings in a bank; and spending money in a jar, piggy bank or wallet. You may also encourage children to save part of their spending money for charity.”
Teach Children to Save 2012: April 24 (

National Soyfoods Month- Recipe #24 - Mock Chicken Patties


Please enjoy the twenty-fourth recipe of the month for National Soyfoods Month:Mock Chicken Patties



April 24 – Daily Motivation – Quotes About Life

Life is a Test
Bill and Pearl were a very special couple.

They were a couple who knew all about the brutality of life. One would never know the harshness of life they had endured unless you were very close to them.

Bill was a quiet unassuming man, who was devoted to his beloved Pearl. Pearl radiated happiness and was a delight to all that knew her. She loved life and constantly counted her blessings and practiced faithfully what she often reminded us, her family and friends -- "Laughter is the Best Medicine." Her infectious laugh was so contagious she had me convinced.

Anytime I was in charge of an entertainment event, program, or play, I would suggest she be guided to a seat near the front not far from the stage. Whatever the entertainment might be, and if laughter would be a plus, Pearl would make sure it was a hit. Her cheerfulness would infiltrate the audience and not only would laughter prevail, but also everyone, including the performers felt a jovial feeling.

A few years after we met Bill and Pearl, they experienced a tremendous financial setback which caused them to lose their farm.

There was never a complaint from either of them about their circumstances. Neither of them was in very good health and we were concerned as to what this latest blow could do to them. When my husband and I went to visit them to see what we could do to help, Bill said, "Here is where we are, here is where we have to go, and I guess packing our things is what must be done now."

Lorin asked, "What about your machinery?" He was determined to be of help, while refusing to show his sadness about the tragedy that had befallen this couple.

Bill's answer to this question was, "Well, since the farm is no longer ours, we have no use for the machinery, so we can leave it here for the young man who is going to take over. He will need it." Bill never thought of selling it. His first thought was someone needed it.

One day, while I was helping Pearl pack, there were boxes everywhere and there were piles of throw-a-way, piles to pack, piles to keep and piles for charity. As we worked, I kept thinking of their state of affairs and was on the verge of tears. It hurt so badly to think of my friend having to give up so much -- things that they had worked for all their lives. And now, at their age, moving into a small rented home...

I turned to ask her a question and saw this sweet, humble woman sitting in the midst of chaos with a smile on her face. She started to laugh. Her infectious laugh reached out to me and I soon found myself sitting on the floor beside her. Oh, how I was going to miss my friend -- this woman had been my confidante, my counselor, my good neighbor and especially my friend.

"Pearl, this is crazy. What are we laughing about? There is nothing funny about packing."

"Well you know what they say about life don't you?" The quizzical look on my face was evidence that I had no idea what she was referring to.

She continued, "You know, it is often said that life is a test."

"Well, yes, I have heard that," I answered. "But I still don't understand, what's so funny?"

She finally stopped laughing and with a sly smile said, "Honey, I just realized I have never been good at tests!"

She taught me that life was good under any circumstances, if I would allow myself to just count my blessings and find joy in laughter.

Pearl and her husband moved nearer to their children and life seemed to be going quite well for them, until a year later when Bill died. As she shared the news with me, my mind raced back to that afternoon sitting on her floor with debris all around us as she reminded me that, "Life was a test." Her voice told the whole story.

Regardless of how difficult the test was, she had enough faith that would see her through, despite what she had said that day -- "Honey, I have never been good at tests."
Life is a Test (

Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23 – Daily Motivation – Quotes About Life

Keep Smiling

If at times you feel you want to cry
And life seems such a trial
Above the clouds theres a bright blue sky
So make your tears a smile.
As you travel on lifes way
With its many ups and downs
Remember its quite true to say
One smile is worth a dozen frowns.
Among the worlds expensive things
A smile is very cheap
And when you give a smile away,
You get one back to keep.
Happiness comes at times to all
But sadness comes unbidden
And sometimes a few tears must fall
Among the laughter hidden.
So when friends have sadness on their face
And troubles round them piled
The world will seem a better place
And all because you smiled.
Keep Smiling (

Love is Energy.......Pass it forward!

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National Soyfoods Month- Recipe #23 - Tasty Orange Roasted Tofu and Asparagus




Please enjoy the twenty-third recipe of the month for National Soyfoods Month:Tasty Orange Roasted Tofu and Asparagus

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Administrative Professionals Week - April 22 - April 28

The idea began with Mary Barrett, president of the National Secretaries Association, now called IAAP, and C. King Woodbridge, president of Dictaphone Corporation. They served on a council addressing a national shortage of skilled office workers. Together with Harry Klemfuss, public relations account executive at Young & Rubicam, they originated the idea for a National Secretaries Week. [1]

Office workers have been honored by the International Association of Administrative Professionals by sponsoring Administrative Professionals week since 1952.

In the year 2000, IAAP announced a name change for Professional Secretaries Week and Professional Secretaries Day. The names were changed to Administrative Professionals Week and Administrative Professionals Day to keep pace with changing job titles and expanding responsibilities of today’s administrative workforce.

Administrative Professionals Week is one of the largest workplace observances. Celebrated worldwide it brings together millions of people for community events, educational seminars and individual corporate activities recognizing support staff.

There are more than 4.1 million secretaries and administrative assistants working in the United States and 8.9 million people working in administrative support roles. Millions more administrative professionals work in offices all over the world.

Administrative Professionals Week is April 22-28, and Administrative Professionals Day is Wednesday, April 25.

Ideas for Administrative Professionals Week and Administrative Professionals Day:

[1] Who founded Administrative Professionals Day/Week? (

Earth Day 2012 - April 22 - Earth Day Events 2012

Today is April 22 - Earth Day.

The Earth Day 2012 campaign is designed to provide people with the opportunity to unite their voices in a call for a sustainable future and direct them towards quantifiable outcomes.¹

Gaylord Nelson, a Wisconsin Senator and environmental activist, called for an environmental teach-in or Earth Day to be held on April 22, 1970. Twenty million people participated that year and is now observed by over 500 million people each year.

Every day, more and more people are helping Earth Day Network to Mobilize the Earth on April 22nd. How will you get involved? Be the next to join this global movement. For more information on how you can participate, visit²

Earth Day Events 2012: Some major retailers will be giving away re-useable bags. Check your local listing for events in your area.

¹,² Where in the World is Earth Day

April 22 – Daily Motivation – Quotes About Life

Become What You Want to Be

Let me tell you about a little girl who was born into a very poor family in a shack in the Backwoods of Tennessee. She was the 20th of 22 children, prematurely born and frail. Her survival was doubtful. When she was four years old she had double pneumonia and scarlet fever - a deadly combination that left her with a paralyzed and useless left leg. She had to wear an iron leg brace. Yet she was fortunate in having a mother who encouraged her.

Well, this mother told her little girl, who was very bright, that despite the brace and leg, she could do whatever she wanted to do with her life. She told her that all she needed to do was to have faith, persistence, courage and an indomitable spirit.

So at nine years of age, the little girl removed the leg brace, and she took the step the doctors told her she would never take normally. In four years, she developed a rhythmic stride, which was a medical wonder. Then this girl got the notion, the incredible notion that she would like to be the world's greatest woman runner. Now, what could she mean - be a runner with a leg like that?

At age 13, she entered a race. She came in last - way, way last. She entered every race in high school, and in every race she came in last. Everyone begged her to quit! However, one day, she came in next to last. And then there came a day when she won a race. From then on, Wilma Rudolph won every race that she entered.

Wilma went to Tennessee State University, where she met a coach named Ed Temple. Coach Temple saw the indomitable spirit of the girl, that she was a believer and that she had great natural talent. He trained her so well that she went to the Olympic Games.

There she was pitted against the greatest woman runner of the day, a German girl named Jutta Heine. Nobody had ever beaten Jutta. But in the 100-meter dash, Wilma Rudolph won. She beat Jutta again in the 200-meters. Now Wilma had two Olympic gold medals.

Finally came the 400-meter relay. It would be Wilma against Jutta once again. The first two runners on Wilma's team made perfect handoffs with the baton. But when the third runner handed the baton to Wilma, she was so excited she dropped it, and Wilma saw Jutta taking off down the track. It was impossible that anybody could catch this fleet and nimble girl. But Wilma did just that! Wilma Rudolph had earned three Olympic gold medals.
Become What You Want to Be (

National Soyfoods Month- Recipe #22 - Tofu-Salad Sandwiches


Please enjoy the twenty-second recipe of the month for National Soyfoods Month:Tofu-Salad Sandwiches

Saturday, April 21, 2012

April 21 - World Creativity and Innovation Day

Today is a day to celebrate your creativity and new ideas! World Creativity and Innovation Day has been celebrated in over 46 countries since 2002. People in businesses, organizations, schools, and communities take part in this day to generate new ideas for a brighter future.

This day was created by Marci Segal, a creativity specialist. After reading a newspaper headline, “Canada in Creativity Crisis,” Segal decided to do something about it. With the help of her colleagues, she organized the first World Creativity Day to encourage people to use creativity to make the world a better place.

There are various ways that people can celebrate this day. One year in Markham, Ontario, a school wrote and produced a musical featuring seven creative principles of Leonardo da Vinci. Another year in Brussels, Belgium, people organized a number of creativity workshops throughout the day.
These are just a few ideas to help spark your imagination. Now go ahead and put your own creativity skills to good use. Try to think of something innovative that could benefit humanity in one way or another. Good luck!
World Creativity and Innovation Day   (

National Soyfoods Month- Recipe #21 - Southwestern Tofu Scramble


Please enjoy the twenty-first recipe of the month for National Soyfoods Month:Southwestern Tofu Scramble

April 21 - Daily Motivation - Quotes About Life


One day an expert in time management was speaking to a group of business students and, to drive home a point, used an illustration those students will never forget.

As he stood in front of the group of high powered overachievers he said, "Okay, time for a quiz." Then he pulled out a one-gallon, wide mouth mason jar and set it on the table in front of him. Then he produced about a dozen fist-sized rocks and carefully place them, one at a time, into the jar. When the jar was filled to the top and no more rocks would fit inside, he asked, "Is this jar full?" Everyone in the class said, "Yes." Then he said, "Really?"

He reached under the table and pulled out a bucket of gravel. Then he dumped some gravel in and shook the jar causing pieces of gravel to work themselves down into the space between the big rocks. Then he asked the group once more, "Is the jar full?"

By this time the class was on to him. "Probably not," one of them answered. "Good!" he replied. He reached under the table and brought out a bucket of sand. He started dumping the sand in the jar and it went into all of the spaces left between the rock and the gravel.

Once more he asked the question, "Is this jar full?" "No!" the class shouted. Once again he said, "Good." Then he grabbed a pitcher of water and began to pour it in until the jar was filled to the brim.

Then he looked at the class and asked, "What is the point of this illustration?" One eager beaver raised his hand and said, "The point is, no matter how full your schedule is, if you try really hard you can always fit some more things in it!" "No," the speaker replied, "that's not the point. The truth this illustration teaches us is: If you don't put the big rocks in first, you'll never get them in at all."

What are the 'big rocks' in your life? Time with your loved ones? Your faith, your education, your dreams? A worthy cause? Teaching or mentoring others? Remember to put these BIG ROCKS in first or you'll never get them in at all.

So, tonight, or in the morning, when you are reflecting on this short story, ask yourself this question: What are the 'big rocks' in my life?

Then, put those in your jar first.
Reality Check (

Friday, April 20, 2012

April 20 – National Pineapple Upside Down Cake Day

It seems hard to believe that the Pineapple Upside Down cake has not always been with us. Canned pineapple was not available until 1903 when Jim Dole of the Hawaiian Pineapple Company (now Dole Pineapple) perfected a way to tin them.

Fruit at the bottom of a cake pan is a technique which has been around since the middle ages. Apples, cherries and other seasonal fruits were used in upside down cakes which were often made in cast-iron skillets on top of the stove. The use of pineapple (and an oven) was just the newest most novel twist, an ode to twentieth century technologies and notions of convenience. Indeed, it did not take long for the recipe to work its way into the American housewife’s repertoire.

The Hawaiian Pineapple Company (Dole) requested submissions for creative ways to prepare Pineapple. By 1925 they received 2500 recipes for Pineapple Upside Down Cake. It's no doubt that the Pineapple Upside Down Cake had become a pop icon.

In 1925 women's magazines there was a Gold Medal Flour advertisement with a full-page, four-color picture of Pineapple Upside-Down Cake-a round cake with six slices of pineapple, candied red cherries, and a brown sugar glaze. The date: November 1925." —American Century Cookbook: The Most Popular Recipes of the 20th Century, Jean Anderson

By 1926 the Hawaiian Pineapple company capitalized on the popularity of the Pineapple Upside Down Cake, running a national ad campaign featuring the recipe. Further solidifying its place in culinary history.

Try this American classic recipe that is a staple at holidays, picnics, and parties.
Pineapple Upside Down Cake (

April 20 - Daily Motivation - Quotes About Life

A Picture Of Peace

There once was a King who offered a prize to the artist who would paint the best picture of peace. Many artists tried. The King looked at all the pictures, but there were only two he really liked and he had to choose between them.

One picture was of a calm lake. The lake was a perfect mirror, for peaceful towering mountains were all around it. Overhead was a blue sky with fluffy white clouds. All who saw this picture thought that it was a perfect picture of peace.

The other picture had mountains too. But these were rugged and bare. Above was an angry sky from which rain fell and in which lightening played. Down the side of the mountain tumbled a foaming waterfall. This did not look peaceful at all. But when the King looked, he saw behind the waterfall a tiny bush growing in a crack in the rock. In the bush a mother bird had built her nest. There, in the midst of the rush of angry water, sat the mother bird on her nest... perfect peace.

Which picture do you think won the prize?

The King chose the second picture. Do you know why? "Because," explained the King, "peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. Peace means to be in the midst of all those things and still be calm in your heart. That is the real meaning of peace."
A Picture Of Peace (

Husband Appreciation Day - April 20th

Today is Husband Appreciation Day. Although I do not have a husband I do have a boyfriend of 23 years so he will do just fine for today's appreciation day. :-)

Although today should really be husband, boyfriend, male friend or crush appreciation day.

This morning I had a sudden moment of clarity about my boyfriend. There are so many small things that really count that he takes care of. He usually makes me coffee every morning. He does the majority of the cooking. He does most of the dishes. He locks up the house and turns off the lights every night. He takes care of the trash and recycling. Oh and best of all he does his own wash and so much more I can't list it all.

He is one in a million and I don't tell him enough how much I really appreciate him.

Here are a few ideas to help you show your appreciation:

1. Make his favorite dinner. Whether it is an elaborate casserole or just grilled cheese and tomato soup, plan on making it.

2. Rub his feet or back … or calves. This will relax him and make him feel so good.

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Just for a day forget about the dirty socks on the floor, the mud tracked in from his boots, and every other careless, annoying thing he does.

4. Tell him how much you appreciate him. Words can go a long way. Look into his eyes, tell him, and mean it.

5. Give him free time. Whatever your schedule allows: a half hour, three hours, the entire night—husbands definitely need their breaks too. Make sure the time is uninterrupted.

6. Watch his favorite movie. Today let him pick the movie, no matter how gory or boring or ridiculous.

7. Send him an e-card. E-card websites thrive on holidays like this, so take advantage of a corny card and send it to his inbox. Hopefully it will make him smile.

Love your hubby today and everyday, never take advantage.

National Soyfoods Month- Recipe #20 - Tortilla Bake


Please enjoy the twentieth recipe of the month for National Soyfoods Month:Tortilla Bake

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Earth Day Reminder - April 22, 2012


Earth Day, observed April 22, 2012



Provides a reminder of why and how we can decrease waste in our homes and beyond.


National Soyfoods Month- Recipe #19 - Baked Tofu Bites


Please enjoy the nineteenth recipe of the month for National Soyfoods Month: Baked Tofu Bites

April 19 - Daily Motivation - Quotes About Life

I Wish For You
Happiness, Deep down within.
Serenity. With each sunrise.
Success. In each facet of your life.
Close and caring friends.
Love. That never ends.
Special memories. Of all the yesterdays.
A bright today. With much to be thankful for.
A path. That leads to beautiful tomorrows.
Dreams. That do their best to come true.
And appreciation. Of all the wonderful things about you.

I wish For you (

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April 18 - Daily Motivation - Quotes About Life

Gratitude in action

Gratitude is more than saying thank you. The real power of gratitude comes from making meaningful and valuable use of those things for which you are thankful.

It’s nice to be appreciative. It’s even better to put that appreciation into action by being creative and productive.

Life is overwhelmingly abundant. The way to enjoy and benefit from that abundance is by putting it to purposeful use.

In this place, in this moment, you are a vital steward of life’s great abundance. You have the opportunity, and the responsibility, of transforming that abundance into unique value.

Whatever may be going on in your world, be truly thankful for it. And then put that gratitude into action by making a positive difference.

Life’s goodness is not meant to be hidden away and hoarded. Life’s goodness is best used for making even more.

— Ralph Marston

Gratitude in action (

Start Thinking Mother's Day




April 18 - National Stress Awareness Day

Today is National Stress Awareness Day, also known as “The Day After Taxes Are Due”.

Stress is one of the major causes of illnesses. The holiday was started in 1992 by the Health Resource Network to create awareness of the causes and cures.

Here are some suggestions to help you de-stress:

1. Talk! Don't hold all feelings in! Discuss your stressful feelings with someone you trust who will listen without being judgmental or pressuring you to their own point of view. Even if you can't change the immediate situation, talking about it helps alleviate some of the tension you may be feeling. Supplement with something physical: write it out, exercise or hit a pillow.

2. ACT! Be willing to make changes, no matter how small. Try to change the stressful situation, or at least some part of it. Moving forward in small ways helps you feel empowered and in control.

3. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! If you learn about how your body reacts to stress, you can learn how to counter that stress. Learn to listen to your body's signals and find ways to reduce your stress, even if it's just "taking five" to clear your mind. Relaxation exercises (E.g. Yoga, meditation, physical exercise) help, too.

4. DON'T OVERWHELM YOURSELF! If you are overwhelmed, you might be trying to handle too much. Rid yourself of extra duties. Learn how to delegate and how to say "no" without feeling guilty. Ask for help if you need it.

5. PRIORITIZE! You may not be able to avoid all the responsibilities you currently have, but you can learn how to complete them without feeling overwhelmed or stressed by prioritizing.

6. GET AWAY! Sometimes a change can do wonders. Forget it all for a while--escape! Go somewhere new for a few hours, or a few days if you can afford to. If not, it may be helpful just to "get away" to a warm bath for a little while!

7. LEARN HOW TO BE HAPPY! 7. One thing all of life's winners have in common is a sense of well-being, a positive attitude and realistic goals. Focus on the good things about yourself, and in your life. Nobody's perfect. Learn to enjoy the "little things" that make you happy.

Here's a link to something I like to do.

Ways to Handle Stress (

National Soyfoods Month- Recipe #18 - Veggie Burgers with Heart


Please enjoy the eighteenth recipe of the month for National Soyfoods Month:Veggie Burgers with Heart