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National Arbor Day - April 27

National Arbor Day
Arbor Day (from the Latin arbor, meaning tree) is a holiday celebrated by encouraging the planting and care of tress. Arbor Day originated in Nebraska by J. Sterling Morton, first celebrated on April 10, 1872. It is estimated one million trees were planted on that day.
National Arbor Day is the last Friday in April, but many states observe Arbor Day in different months and dates according to their best tree-planting times.
Birdsey Northrop of Connecticut was responsible for globalizing it when he visited Japan in 1883 and delivered his Arbor Day and Village Improvement message. In that same year, the American Forestry Association made Northrop the Chairman of the committee to campaign for Arbor Day nationwide. He also brought his enthusiasm for Arbor Day to Australia, Canada and Europe.[1]
Arbor Day reached its height of popularity on its 125th anniversary in 1997, when David J. Wright, noticed that a Nebraska nonprofit organization called the National Arbor Day Foundation had taken the name of the holiday and commercialized it for their own use as a trademark for their publication "Arbor Day," so he countered their efforts, launched a website, and trademarked it for "public use celebrations" and defended the matter in a federal district court in the United States to ensure it was judged as property of the public domain, the case was settled in October 1999. Today anyone can use the term "Arbor Day" as well as hold their own Arbor Day celebration. [2]
There is more to planting a tree then just digging a hole. You need to choose the right tree, choose the right place to plant, plant it the right way.
There are 26 state that celebrate Arbor Day on the last Friday in April.
Arizona's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Paloverde)
Connecticut's Arbor Day - (State Tree: White Oak)
Delaware's Arbor Day - (State Tree: American Holly)
District of Columbia's Arbor Day - (District Tree: Scarlet Oak)
Idaho's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Western White Pine)
Illinois' Arbor Day - (State Tree: White Oak)
Indiana's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Tuliptree)
Iowa's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Oak)
Kansas' Arbor Day - (State Tree: Cottonwood)
Massachusetts' Arbor Day - (State Tree: American Elm)
Michigan's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Eastern White Pine)
Minnesota's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Red Pine)
Montana's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Ponderosa Pine)
Nebraska's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Cottonwood)
Nevada's Arbor Day - (State Trees: Singleleaf Pinyon and Bristlecone Pine)
New Hampshire's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Paper Birch)
New Jersey's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Northern Red Oak)
New York's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Sugar Maple)
North Carolina's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Pine)
Ohio's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Ohio Buckeye)
Pennsylvania's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Eastern Hemlock)
Rhode Island's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Red Maple)
South Dakota's Arbor Day - (State Tree: White Spruce)
Texas' Arbor Day - (State Tree: Pecan)
Utah's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Blue Spruce)
Wisconsin's Arbor Day - (State Tree: Sugar Maple)
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