Friday, May 4, 2012

May 4 - National Orange Juice Day

One of the most popular juices in the United States, orange juice benefits are a great source of Vitamin C, Folic Acid, and potassium. Consuming orange juice with high iron food helps the body absorb iron better.
When buying orange juice make sure the label states 100% juice, not from concentrate. Be careful not to over indulge (1 cup daily, 1/2 cup for children) as it can have an adverse effect on your body. Eat the whole orange, it's much better for you.
Mix orange juice with spice and it makes a great meat marinade. It can also be reduced and used as a glaze for sweets or meat.
There are not many holidays in May that you can celebrate a drink that can be used as a marinade and use as an ingredient.
To celebrate this day check special promotions or sales at supermarkets in honor of National Orange Juice Day. Individuals who want to celebrate the occasion can try their hand at making some freshly squeezed orange juice (or simply buy some from the store) and then share it with coworkers or family members.

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