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Fun Halloween Games

I figured with all the Halloween planning you all are doing I might help you out a bit.
I found this article for fun Halloween games.

Hoping it will help out as you plan your party.
Looking for Halloween games for your next haunted party? Well then, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find fun Halloween games for ghouls, both young and old.

Pumpkin Hunt

Plan a prize hunt that will take place both outdoors and indoors. Obtain these items: paper for writing clues, very small pumpkins, bags to carry them in, and prizes that can be split among several children.

Write clues on small slips of paper, and have game participants to draw them
out of a box. These clues lead to pumpkins hidden in the house and outside. Each pumpkin should have another clue tied to it’s stem. The first team to return after all pumpkins are collected, gets a grand prize, and others get smaller prizes. Try to make each team’s hunt equal in length.

Video Scavenger Hunt

This is a scavenger hunt for adults with digital cameras or video cameras — and all participants must play in full costume! Pairs pull slips of paper from a box, each slip containing 1-3 items, depending on how much time is allotted for this game. Items to film or photograph could include: a haunted location, a local cemetery head stone, a Halloween drink from a bar, a specific Halloween toy from a toy store, finding a stranger dresses in a costume, or Halloween cookies from a grocery store.

When all participants, are finished, meet to watch the videos, or display digital photos on a television or monitor.

Other Game Ideas

Other ideas for fun Halloween games are:

- Create and play a trivia game with questions about horror movies, and Halloween.

- Buy a Halloween pinata for the little ones.

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