Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hi Everyone, I’m starting this blog to hopefully inspire everyone to use coupons.

I will take my weekly grocery circulars and along with coupons create a recipe(s).  All recipes will include sale items in the grocery circulars.
I started using coupons out of necessity.  I needed money quickly and thought of couponing.  I saw that families were saving significant amounts of money just by using coupons.  So, I headed out with coupons in hand and hit all 3 of my local grocery stores, which is what I would normally do anyway.    My goal was to only buy items I needed and they had to have a coupon (excluding meat), easier said then done.  Normally without coupons I would spend about $250.00 a week, all 3 stores combined.

WOW!! was I surprised the first time I used coupons.  My order was $124.00, before my loyalty card and coupons.  After my loyalty card it dropped to $68.76, a significant saving in itself.  Then, I handed over my coupons (my store doubles coupons up to a $1.00 and will only double 1 like coupon).  $68.76 dropped to $35.89.   OMG, I was hooked.  After 2 weeks I couldn’t get enough.

So, in tracking my saving I hope to inspire everyone to at least try couponing  once, if you do, trust me you’ll be hooked.

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