Monday, April 9, 2012

April 10 - National Golfer's Day

For all you professional golfers and even you pseudo professional golfers, today is “National Golfer's Day”.

Research shows the modern game of golf is considered to be a Scottish invention. In 1457 the first recorded game was played in Scotland. There are more than 28 million golfers in the United States with golf providing job for more than two million people.

Early evidence of golf in the United States points to an advertisement, for golf clubs and balls, published in the Royal Gazette of New york City in 1779 along with the notice of the annual general meeting for a golf club in Savannah published in the Georgia Gazette in 1796.

In 1916 Rodman Wanamaker, along with charter members, founded the “Professional Golfers Association of America”.

Send an ecard to your favorite golfer and remind them today is “National Golfer's Day”.

If you have a birthday or a graduation on the way for your golfer think about a gift they could use.

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