Friday, March 23, 2012

National Chip and Dip Day

Another all-American snack, chip and dip. I love potato chips, a thin slice of potato deep fried to a crunchy crisp and seasoned just right. Can anyone pass up potato chips?

Chip are typically accompanied by a dip that should compliment the flavor of the chip. Dips can be sour cream based, cream cheese based or vegetable based, such as salsa.

To celebrate this day make some potato chips and dip. Trust me, making them yourself is worth the time. One piece of advise though, make sure to use Wesson oil. It seems to be the least greasy of all the oils I've tried. You're in for a treat!!!

Your dip is next. I like guacamole with potato chips. I know it typically accompanies tortilla chips, but if you make the guacamole creamy rather than chunky it's a perfect accompaniment.

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