Thursday, December 8, 2011

Target Coupon vs. Manufacturer's Coupons

I know there are a lot of you who love to print coupons from the Target website, as do I, Can't beat the stacking. Although, I have noticed there have been people asking how to tell the difference between a manufacturers coupon
and a Target coupon before they print.

Well, as of this post there are 2 ways to do that before you print:

My favorite way is to
right click the picture on the coupon.

  • If you use Internet Explorer, right click the picture and choose "Properties"

  • If you use Firefox right click the picture and choose "View Image Info"

      • If you see the word manufacturer or the name of the actual item in the address then it's a manufacturer's coupon.

      • If you see the word Target then it's a Target coupon.

The next way is to decipher the wording on the coupon.

  • If you see "when you buy....." it is a manufacture's coupon and NOT a Target coupon.

  • If you see “with purchase of.....” OR just the name of the product then it is a Target coupon.

Remember Target does NOT double coupon!!

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